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We want to ensure that all our World War 1 veterans have their last resting place marked so that their service is remembered forever — like those who lie in war graves.

Most people can't believe that thousands of veterans who returned to Australia lie in unmarked graves with no headstone.

Why were they overlooked? The post-war years were hard times. The health of many soldiers was ruined, physically and mentally, often leading to alcoholism and family estrangement. 

Some simply had no nearby relatives to bury them — perhaps because they were too far away.


Their family may not have realised they had to apply for a war grave. Many widows, in heart-rending circumstances, were pre-occupied with clothing and feeding their children. 


Whatever the reason, we are dedicated to finding these soldiers' resting places. When we find them, we commemorate them with a simple pedestal headstone and a bronze plaque that testifies their service.

Four generations at Malbina Cemetery, Tasmania

Photo by courtesy of Ron Gerrard  

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