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Anyone can search a cemetery. If you are looking for unmarked graves you should inquire with the agency that manages the cemetery in which you're interested; they will probably provide a map. 

Do you know where you'll search? If not, you can start by choosing a cemetery from the down-loadable lists available from this page. The red dots show where the municipal offices are for each local government area; click one and a PDF list of cemeteries in that area, and their locations, will download. If you wait a couple of seconds before clicking, a tooltip with the name of the council will appear, confirming you've made the choice you want. Or if you would like all 900 cemeteries in one list, click on the black icon. 

 If you'd like the challenge of searching for someone who served in World War 1, it's much easier with a copy of our Searcher Guide. You're not obliged to be a member of The Headstone Project, but it's possible that one of our volunteer teams has already done some searching. Get in touch and we'll be happy to check for you and give advice on your next steps.

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APY Lands

Roxby Downs


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Click a red dot for cemeteries in that area

Click this icon to download details of all cemeteries in SA, sorted by council (PDF)


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