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"This is nation leading ... 
It's a labour of love …
one headstone at a time."


— Governor-General
Sir Peter Cosgrove, Feb 2019

Our sponsors and contributors have been crucial to our success so far — whether by supplying materials at very low cost or free, or facilitating things to make our job easier. This year, SA Premier Steven Marshall provided all-important seed funding of $10,000 a year for three years to turn our ideas into action.

Our other big break was the Department of Veterans' Affairs funding headstone placements up to $450 during 2019 and 2020. Now the race is on to do as much as we can while this valuable funding is available. 

Since total grave costs are more than $600 — sometimes much more — the fund-raising challenge for our volunteers is still a big one. Your donation will be directly applied to our projects. It will really count!

We've been delighted that people are coming forward to help us. Our main tasks are finding families, researching, manufacturing headstones, planning and conducting dedication ceremonies, PR and fundraising. We have lots to do — but we all enjoy a real sense of achievement.

How you can join in

Most of all we need more people who can help us to find unmarked veterans' graves in the cemeteries in South Australia. Our Searcher Guide shows what's involved. It's a fascinating, rewarding role — you can allocate as much or as little time as suits you. It's a great activity when going on trips.

We also have valuable, enjoyable roles in other fields, such as media relations, community and other liaison, logistics, greeting potential new members, IT, and many more. 

Our members often involve their family and friends (especially those who live in rural areas) and community groups. You'll be amazed at where our state's 900 cemeteries are!

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